• The First Project: A Cat Tree for a Senior Cat

    September 30, 2019 by

    About a year ago now, we took our cat Amelia to the vet. The vet let us know that she was beginning to show the signs of early Arthritis and that she would start to show signs of being lethargic and not jumping as much as she did in the past. We still wanted to… Read more

  • Engineering and Covid-19

    April 17, 2020 by

    I’m going to take a break from trying to build cat trees for a bit to talk about how flexible the world will need you to be. Sometimes, you have to be prepared for your whole life to switch around and your focus devoted to a new topic. My current day job is to make… Read more

  • A Cat Tree for Senior Cats: Initial Designs

    November 13, 2019 by

    Considering the build parameters set before, I believe a tiered cat tree will be the best option. I will be listing the pros and cons for each design, then combining the base aspects into a single design. Pros: Landings provide good mobility between levels Square cat beds are easy to build Not many specialty tools… Read more

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